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Сorporate gifts
Brand's DNA
Clothes PCR.SHOP – for ones who choose comfort in laboratory, office and outside.
There are looks presented in collection with point you style out and demonstrate your colleagues from biotech and everyone around you passion to science.

Are you wonder to become a creator of official merch? You have opportunity to present your own clothes design. You will be surely granted for the creative with the customized t-shirt and as for surprise something more.

The second category presented – jewelry by PCR.SHOP. We don’t sell any replica. We authentically cover everything in the process - from idea to sample - and produce it on the Russian jewelry fabric owned by our official partner. Jewelry is made of silver 925 and gold 585. We use natural mineral and cubic zirconia for décor. We care of any units we produce and put check-list of care recommendation and special wipes.

Another category is – gifts on PCR.SHOP. AS we know how often you seek for the gift for democratic prices we offer on that purpose functional electronic devices, accessories, goods for house and office.

We are sure you can find interesting and remarkable gift to your colleague, boss, partner. In case you cannot find anything relevant we strongly advise you to gift «an experience». It is our certificates for 1500,3000 and 5000 RUB

PCR.SHOP takes care of ecology. We had a huge attempt to present you items made BPA FREE, but we didn’t refuse a pack.

You know why? Our pack is multifunctional. You get mono-color packs with sturdy handles. It means it always be in use home or in trips to your summer house. Clothes are packed in full-zip pack which is usable then in keeping seasonal clothes or during traveling. Another words, we believe that our pack will not be trashed out and be re-usable think in your house.

PCR.SHOP is a new brand with the intension to become your friend. For first customers we gift a bonus, 10% discount for any items from Pre-order catalogue. The discount is sum up to any of actual sales and promo.

A few words more about us.
Our company donates in the Charity fond "Give the life" created by Chulpan Khalamova & Dina Kortzun, we announce sales in October 2021 and plan to donate 50RUB from each purchase. Following our plans, we can donate children more 500 K RUB.

Try on new look and experiences!

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Working hours: 09:00 am - 18:00 pm (Monday-Friday)